Welcome to Wayfinders Association of Modern Wizardry.

We are an Organisation of Spiritual Wizards dedicated to bringing balance to wherever imbalance exists.

The Wayfinders Philosophy website is where you will learn and understand the basics of a true Wizard and where your journey will start. – Art of Modern Wizardry

The Wayfinders Academy is our school of wizardry, to gain access to the courses and material along with our Wizard teachers you will need to become a full member of Wayfinders association of Modern wizardry. – Wayfinders Academy

To join Wayfinders please follow this link to our sign up page, there is a $12 annual fee.

you can use the currency convertor HERE to convert to your local currency.

(we do provide a Bursary for those who are drawing Pensions, so please get in touch with Wayfinders to ask about this)

To Join as a Full Member click here.

All Wizards are welcome to join Wayfinders Association of Modern Wizardry.